If we want to understand spending, we have to ask the right question. Surprisingly enough, it isn’t “How much do I spend?” or even “How should I spend?” In fact, the key question isn’t about the act of spending at all. It turns out that no matter the dollar amount, the key question to ask is “Does this spending make me more or less free?”

Join us as Brooke Bartlow and program host Hannah discuss topics on spending, including:

  • The significance of a Spending Plan and the freedom it can bring;
  • The 10-10-80 plan for giving, saving, and spending;
  • The power of spouses connecting on priorities and non-negotiables;
  • The importance of keeping the Spending Plan relevant and adjusting as needed.

Free Resource

Good Sense Spending Plan

Need a starting point for your Spending Plan? Download our spreadsheet to help you get started. Built-in calculations help you see the big picture and balance your Plan.