Like many things, our stewardship evolves as we go through the stages of life. And like many things, the earlier we start on this journey, the better prepared we are to continue the journey throughout our lives.

Many people struggle with stewardship as adults because they were never taught stewardship principles as children. They never had the opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them while the mistakes were small, so inevitably they have to learn through much larger mistakes later in life.

One of the key stages in life is the college years, when students begin to be barraged with credit card offers and opportunities to spend resources they don’t have. Pile this on top of student debt, and those mistakes can take years – even decades – to recover from.

Debt racked up while in college plagues many believers into their early careers, forming a major obstacle to key stewardship elements such as giving and saving. Money becomes a key focus, and making ends meet consumes the thoughts and energy – keeping believers from wholeheartedly pursuing knowing and serving God.

Join podcast host James Lenhoff for a look into key principles of stewardship in these earlier stages of life and some strategies that will set us up for financial freedom throughout our lives. This is the first of a two-part series on stewardship through life’s stages; join us next week for part 2!