As each year draws to a close, many of us take some time to think back over the year. Maybe we identify some things we’re thankful for. Perhaps we think through some highlights – experiences, relationships, areas where we grew. Maybe we recognize some difficult, painful moments.

As you think back over this year, how would you evaluate your stewardship? Did you grow in this key area of discipleship? How did you manage the resources God put at your disposal – your time, your energy, your money, your spiritual gifts?

When it comes to stewardship of financial resources, some key questions can help us evaluate the year and prepare us for the coming year. Comparing our expectations in key stewardship areas with where we actually ended up is a great starting point. Evaluating indicators like cash flow, net worth, and generosity can give us additional insight.

Podcast host James Lenhoff explains the importance of evaluating our stewardship and helps us think through key questions to give us an idea of how we did. For those who are married, James offers helpful tips on how to have this conversation in a context of grace and gratitude.

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